Tools for Self-Awareness

Enjoy these food for thought worksheets. Each provides a lens to look through and opportunity to raise one’s awareness.   Feel free to download, print, and share as you like.

Diagram of unconsciousness

How we develop core beliefs unconsciously, and how those beliefs then powerfully manifest in our lives.

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Above and Below Consciousness 

Freud made simple.  A graphic look and explanation for how our conscious and subconscious works.

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4 Reasons I am not happy 

There is not one single reason our mind makes up for being unhappy that does not fit into one of these four reasons.

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Communication Roles, Which do I play 

See if you are a leveler, a clear and clean communicator, or if you sometimes fall into various “incongruities” or roles from time to time.

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How full is your cup

This is an incredibly simple yet informative view of how we function from the inside out, and is a companion to the communication roles worksheet.

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Speaking your truth

A simple formula for how to clearly and cleanly communicate what is true for you.

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Brain Waves

Problem solving puts our brain into the beta frequency.  Too much beta and we may feel anxiety.  Learn about other brainwaves and what they can do for us.

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EFT and Open Focus Meditation

Learn how to do emotional freedom technique and a meditation for getting our brain out of the beta wave and into alpha waves.

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Hampster Alert Protocol

Most people know what it’s like when their brain becomes a hamster on a wheel going around and around. Learn what it really means and allow it to help heal you.

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Chakras and Their Sounds for Chanting

Nikola Tesla, inventor of AC current, said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Everything has a frequency, including our thoughts! One easy and effective way to raise your own frequency is to chant the chakras.

Download the worksheet here


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Tools for self awareness