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Julie is a very talented care provider in many ways, and when it comes to hypnosis I was very grateful for the outcome. Never being hypnotized before I was nervous and honestly afraid of what might happen, but I was pleased to find myself very comfortable with the process because Julie provides such a safe space. She gently guides you through the session and allows you to adjust as needed. I was able to discover deeper parts of myself I have never experienced before. I feel like our session will last me a lifetime in guidance and perspective.

I have learned so much from Julie!  One of the most helpful things I have learned from her are tools to be able to communicate better with all of the people in my life. My “cheat sheets” for these communication tools are Julie’s Worksheets, tools for self-awareness.  I especially like the ‘Speaking Your Truth’ worksheet and the ’Communication Roles’ worksheet . To me,  reading  these are like a “pep talk”  before the game when I have to confront someone about a conflict or a difficult situation.  These worksheets remind me to talk from an honest heart with clean, clear communication.  It is very powerful and it works!  How can anyone argue with an honest heart!.

One of the most important things I learned in the time spent with Julie was how to sit more quietly with myself, to truly listen to myself, and to trust in the deepest part of me. Thank you for helping me see how much energy I was putting into things that were ‘outside’ myself. In my conscious and sometimes unconscious quest to please others and reduce conflict in my life, I was forgetting to listen to myself and also creating false stories about what other people were expecting of me. I was perpetually staying in dysfunctional relationships and second-guessing my decisions. In essence, you helped guide me back to me. When I stopped looking outside myself for life’s answers, I had more clarity about my direction in life, more acceptance of myself, and more happiness in general. It’s amazing how much more space and energy became available when I just stayed with what is real, what is present, and what is important. And this is how things really started changing for me—and I stopped filling space with unhealthy distractions, admitted that my job was not fulfilling (and quit), found a true life partner, and really started living life true to me. Thank you for helping me in this process! Thank you for your laughter, your openness, your wisdom, and your warm heart. I am grateful for all the time I have spent with you 🙂

I found Julie by chance when the therapist I initially contacted couldn’t take on new clients. She recommended Julie to me, but I am positive the universe arranged the connection. Sometimes the most challenging part of therapy for individuals is finding the right fit with a therapist. I’ve worked with several others over the last two decades, but Julie’s wit, insight and compassion are everything I need. Julie has been a touchstone in my life for over 11 years now. Whether I’m seeing her weekly or meeting again after a long break, we are always able to work with ease and comfort. I feel at home with her, and I wish the same experience for anyone seeking counseling.

During the time I have known and worked with Julie she has always had an enthusiastic, calming and caring approach when working with at risk youth. Her experience with trauma based treatments helps assist students address underlying issues and gives them the skills to effectively manage their behavior and emotions. I have known Julie to be spiritually minded, encouraging, and empowering toward everyone whom she meets. Of the students who have worked with Julie in the past, I have seen positive, healthy, long lasting therapeutic relationships develop.

Julie is a gifted and insightful therapist that truly holds the emotional development of our youth in the highest regard. Her ability to establish strong relationships with both our youth and their families creates a healthy growth place for all concerned. Julie’s eagerness to stay current with cutting edge therapy practices reinforces her leading role within our mental health community.

Julie Visnich is a very important guiding light in my world. She never ceases to empower me along with finding ways to help better understand the real version of me in both my personal and professional journeys. She also has become an outstanding training resource for my various volunteer training days by providing insightful, evidence-based information on topics that are supportive to better serve our youth population. I am sure I would not be where I am at without the amazing Julie Visnich, thanks to her inspiring leadership in the world!

Working with Julie is no less than transformative. She possesses an innate ability to understand where you are coming from and where you would like to go before you’re able to put it into words. It’s the power of her listening and previous experience that she brings to the table to enable the achievement of your dreams. I would highly recommend time with Julie so that you can become a better you.

Doing matrix with Julie Visnich was an amazing experience! It enabled me to touch upon a deeper part of me. We sat with the pain of the emotional experience that we were exploring, but we also set a new tone … A new way of being with it. We relived the piece of me that was stuck and came up with a new way of being with it. The me I am today was able to replay the events so that I was able to say and do what I wanted to but couldn’t in the past moment. It was freeing and forgiving at the same time. It allowed me to truly let go and reprogram my mind to see and feel the new programming!!! It is never too late to start again, and that is just what I experienced!

Julie is a wise, intuitive and compassionate therapist and person. She is comforting to talk to and I really feel I am being heard and seen when I’m with her. Julie has a way of helping me to see myself in a different way. Instead of the typical judgment I have about myself and listening to the negative voices that run through my head, she has taught me to be more gentle, kind and interested in all of my thoughts and feelings. This along with the EFT tapping technique has helped me to find my true self and worth. Without Julie I feel I would still be stuck in my same old story, in my same old negative thought patterns and routines. She truly has helped me to open my eyes and be present to the amazing person that I am and to live a happier life in this world. I will be forever grateful for Julie, for her kindness, wisdom and sharing it with me.

It’s a big thing to say what Julie’s work has been for me. There is nowhere I feel safer or more unconditionally seen, supported and loved–than in a session with her. Been thinking a lot lately about trusting the professional to be the professional and leaving things I don’t really know anything about to the people who have devoted their lives to knowing about them. My hairstylist, my mechanic, my favorite restaurant’s chef or bartender. Not all “professionals” deserve that trust. They have to earn it still. Julie deserves that trust more than anybody I’ve ever known. She is absolutely the first person I go to for objective and loving counsel and guidance.

I have had the privilege to work with Julie Visnich for approximately the past 3-4 years. I have had the opportunity to work with several therapists throughout my professional career and Julie has a gift in helping people see their potential and reach it. She is a joy to be around and lives what she believes.

Julie Visnich LCSW

48 CR 250 #8
Durango, CO 81301

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