Julie Visnich is an extremely talented and captivating inspirational speaker. She can distill the challenges that lie within the most vulnerable places in all of us. She does so in a way that makes so much sense, and provides tools and clear concepts to help use that knowledge to grow and heal. She does this while connecting to the audience from a place of genuine humility, and a big sense of humor.

She masterfully blends topics from the areas of psychology, brain science, and spirituality to give a clear and multi-lensed picture of who we are. Answering questions, guiding participants through exercises and demos, and sharing experiences first-hand are a few of the ways she helps to instill the information at a deeper level. Participants experience deeper awareness, paradigm shifts, and have more skills to take into their lives after her talks.

Julie Visnich LCSW, LAC

48 CR 250 #8
Durango, CO 81301
970 / 769-8397

Tools for self awareness