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Hypnosis is simply a way to experience a state of deep relaxation and calm. It allows us to leave the busy chatter of the “surface mind,” and delve into the deeper “wise mind.”  We are able to see and learn things from a different, more open sense of perception. Wisdom and clarity are often revealed to us on topics we’ve been over many times at the surface level mind while experiencing little relief or clarity.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness that everyone drifts in and out of periodically.  It is often characterized by feelings of relaxation and comfort along with focusing and directing one’s attention internally. It is very similar to states of daydreaming or the period of relaxation just prior to falling asleep. Whereas you remain in control and aware, the surface mind “steps to the side” and allows the creative and less conscious parts of the mind to come forward. These imaginative and less analytically controlled processes of the mind can facilitate our capacities to access the wisdom of the wise mind and strategies of problem-solving that are typically unavailable to the surface mind.

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis ( describes hypnosis as a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Similarly, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control.

All hypnosis is really “self-hypnosis.” The professional using hypnosis is merely a guide that facilitates one entering a comfortable state of trance. Once familiar with the state of hypnosis and ways to generate it, you will be able to elicit it on your own and make use of self-hypnosis techniques taught to you, and recorded for you.  Hypnosis is not something “done to you,” but rather a collaborative process that we participate in together.  You will be able to communicate their experience so that I may guide you more effectively.

Many people wonder if they can be hypnotized and may have had exposure to hypnosis in a group or informal situation that didn’t result in a notable experience for them.  We each have varying degrees of hypnotic talents with the majority of us having sufficient capacities to benefit from its use. When hypnotic strategies tailored to the individual are utilized in the context of an established therapeutic relationship, the vast majority of people will enter a light to moderate state of trance. Moreover, as people become familiar with hypnosis they will typically move to deeper states of trance to the extent they feel it is appropriate for them.

Hypnosis is not a form of therapy but rather an altered state of consciousness in which therapeutic interventions are applied by healthcare professionals. Since the trance state is typically characterized by quieting the surface mind, and the typical worrisome chatter that often fills it, the constructive, healing, and new positive experiences that develop during hypnotic interventions are more readily learned and accessible. In this respect, hypnosis is typically associated with a more rapid response to therapeutic interventions that are not common to forms of “talk” therapy alone. Hypnosis potentiates the healing work you are already doing.


EFT people reference the energetic system of the body, and the meridian points. It is believed that any emotional difficulties result in (or from) an energy block in the system. I do not disagree with this. Yet I also believe EFT allows us to process things in a new way. Instead of being in our heads about things, or over the edge with too much emotion, EFT allows us to process difficult experiences or emotions while staying in the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), instead of going into the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze). It allows our brain to stay in the calm, open focused alpha wave pattern, and this often results in the unpleasant emotion moving through while providing new insights along the way. People say things like, “I feel so much more peaceful right now; I never saw it that way before; it’s actually kind of funny when I hear myself say that out loud now.” The process is a deceptively simple tapping on self, or being tapped on by the therapist.

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If you ask EFT people they talk about any upset or difficulties being a disturbance in our energy. Matrix people take that a step further and talk about the energy connecting to the quantum field. The quantum field holds many versions of possibility, and our early or other selves (Energetic Consciousness Hologram ECHO) are stuck in those fields holding energies that are not helpful, and that impacts us in our present reality by attracting that same vibration to us over and over again. I have no trouble believing that. However…

I also know from a more proven science-y perspective that our body also holds information over the long term, and that we have core beliefs held in our subconscious that we have no idea are there (or we don’t grasp how incredibly powerful they are as a creative force in our lives). They often times make it so that certain difficulties keep occurring even though we try with all our might to change them. Even if those difficulties are just certain nagging feelings we can’t seem to shake completely. We can have insights all day long, but the subconscious does not care. And the subconscious, it is now believed, is what is piloting us about 95% of our waking life. Many pundits now refer to the body and the subconscious as one.

Matrix reaches us on a subconscious level and allows us to uncover these core beliefs, and begin to shift them in a powerful way. According to the father of Matrix Reimprinting, Karl Dawson, it allows you to be guided back to change your ECHO (that other you) in the quantum field it exists in, so that you can be freed up in the here and now to attract what your heart most desires. Again, I have no trouble believing that, but cannot necessarily substantiate it.

What we can now substantiate is that the hippocampus (the place in our brain responsible for laying down memories and intertwining them with emotions) is actually capable of making new cells. It was thought until recently that the brain cannot make new cells, only new connection patterns. Because we can make adjustments to our memories, we can go back and take the charge out of old experiences or feelings that are stored in that deep part of our brain and subconscious in a powerful “do-over.” We get to identify things that were not wholly visible before and reimprint them in a way that delivers deeper wisdom and greater peace. This all happens while being tapped on and being gently guided. For more information on Matrix Reimprinting click here.


Julie is a very talented care provider in many ways, and when it comes to hypnosis I was very grateful for the outcome. Never being hypnotized before I was nervous and honestly afraid of what might happen, but I was pleased to find myself very comfortable with the process because Julie provides such a safe space. She gently guides you through the session and allows you to adjust as needed. I was able to discover deeper parts of myself I have never experienced before. I feel like our session will last me a lifetime in guidance and perspective.

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Doing matrix with Julie Visnich was an amazing experience! It enabled me to touch upon a deeper part of me. We sat with the pain of the emotional experience that we were exploring, but we also set a new tone … A new way of being with it. We relived the piece of me that was stuck and came up with a new way of being with it. The me I am today was able to replay the events so that I was able to say and do what I wanted to but couldn’t in the past moment. It was freeing and forgiving at the same time. It allowed me to truly let go and reprogram my mind to see and feel the new programming!!! It is never too late to start again, and that is just what I experienced

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Julie is a wise, intuitive and compassionate therapist and person. She is comforting to talk to and I really feel I am being heard and seen when I’m with her. Julie has a way of helping me to see myself in a different way. Instead of the typical judgment I have about myself and listening to the negative voices that run through my head, she has taught me to be more gentle, kind and interested in all of my thoughts and feelings. This along with the EFT tapping technique has helped me to find my true self and worth. Without Julie I feel I would still be stuck in my same old story, in my same old negative thought patterns and routines. 

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Julie Visnich LCSW

48 CR 250 #8
Durango, CO 81301

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