about_img3Julie Visnich has been a psychotherapist for over a decade, working with an extremely varied clientele. She has a deep respect and discipline for scholarship in the areas of psychology and brain science, yet is equally dedicated to new and different styles of healing as well. She has traveled the country and world continuously over the past 11 years learning many ways to help people increase their levels of consciousness, and effect change in their lives.

She helps clients know themselves much more deeply, at the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels. Most people in our culture are most comfortable in the mental aspect of knowing. Yet they are missing out on three quarters of the puzzle. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual (connected to something beyond self) aspects have great knowledge to impart, but most people are unfamiliar with how to access that information.

Julie combines a strong theoretical base, science, and metaphysical/spiritual aspects in a way that brings intense clarity. This work enables people to see and understand their lives from an entirely new perspective. With other aspects of themselves coming on line people begin to experience a level of contentment in their lives, and are more able to navigate through the world in a new way that is more heart centered.

One of Julie’s greatest gifts is to see situations accurately and objectively, and assist clients to look through a new lens to redefine how they see themselves and how they want to approach difficult situations. People are then more able to move forward on their life paths in ways that match their own values more closely instead of reacting in old and familiar patterns.

Julie is also able to bring a pragmatic approach to complex problems, and drill down to the core issues. She brings an additional unique perspective from having had a successful first career in corporate sales, business, and running a non-profit organization. All of this varied experience brings a certain wisdom to widely varied situations and experiences. Life has many complex issues such as work, career, family, and friendships to navigate- often accompanied by a longing for something that we cannot quite name. The work is aimed at reaching satisfaction in all of these areas.

Clinical Training and Experience
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW, University of Denver)
    • Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Trained in Matrix Reprocessing
    • Trained in Holographic Memory Resolution
    • Trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Licensed Addictions Counselor
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
    • Clinical Skills
    • Substance Dependence
  • Extensive work with
    • Individuals, couples, families and teens
    • Court ordered, substance abuse clients
    • Incarcerated, adjudicated youth with both trauma and substance abuse
  • Coordinated La Plata County Drug, Juvenile, and Behavior Courts
Professional Background
  • Founded, ran, and advise SOS Outreach – Character education for at-risk and underserved youth through snowboarding, serving 150 youth and 40 volunteers each season
  • Founded and ran SheRide Women’s Camps – World class snowboarding and mountain biking camps, focused on empowering women
  • Extensive work in
    • Mentoring and executive coaching
    • Developing and delivering curriculum
    • Inspirational speaking and training for organizations
  • Successful corporate sales executive – 14 years